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Manufacturer of road headers, shearer, rock driller for blasting hole, side dumping rock loader, underground exploration drilling rig, drill rods, pdc drill bits, roof bolters, etc.

Founded in 1939, with almost 80 years development, we have become a manufacturer of underground coal mining equipment, sanitary vehicles and truck-mounted crane and a lot of other products in China.

It has a modern product research and development center, and is specialty engaged in design and development of the coal mine machinery and equipment.
In 1985, we produced the first truck-mounted crane in China, and from that time, we have taken the place of the first market share for over 30 years.

In 1993, we produced the first roof bolter in China, and our roof bolters provided the model for copy until now.

In 1995, the Coolie car entered into Turkey market.

In 2003, we began to manufacture road headers, for the great demand, we sold more than 200 units in 2004 for the great demand of China market, at the same time this product also took us to a rapid progress track.

In 2005, we become a member of China National Coal Mining Equipment Co., Ltd., for the joining of us, this company can produce the complete range of underground coal mining equipment. The road header for the underground roadway tunneling, the shearer for coal cutting, the scraper conveyor and belt conveyor for material transportation, the power support for the safety, the rock driller for rock roadway blasting, etc.

In 2005, our side dumping rock loaders entered into Vietnam market and become the main supplier.

In 2006, the rock driller entered into Vietnam market.

In 2007, the road header entered into UK.

In 2008, the road header entered into Yemen,

And coolie car exported to Turkey again.

And we built the agent in Algeria for the truck-mounted crane.

And we build the agent in Thailand for the truck-mounted crane.

And we got the ISO9001:2000 certificate.

In 2009, the road header entered into Turkey.

In 2010, the road header entered into Myanmar. And the Chair Lift Transport System entered into Vietnam.

In 2015, the road header entered into India.

In 2015, we moved to new factory.

In 2016, the underground exploration drilling rigs entered into India.

Main products:

Coal Mining Machinery:

1. Road header: EBH300(A), EBH260(A), EBZ260(A), EBZ230(A), EBZ200(A), EBA160(A), EBZ200, EBZ160, EBZ135, EBZ100, EBZ75, EBZ55, EBZ55(A)

2. Jumbo: CMJ2-17(A), CMJ2-27

3. Dumpling road loader: ZCY45R, ZCY60R, ZCY100R, ZCY120R

4. Pneumatic Roof Bolter and Hydraulic Roof Bolter: MQT-130, MQT-120, MQT-110, MYT-150, MYT-120

5. Underground Coal Mine Gas-explored Driller: ZYJ-380/210, ZYJ-400/130, ZYJ-500/200, ZYJ-1000/135, ZYJ-100/135B, ZYJ-1280/190

6. Rack-rail Transport System, Trap-rail Transport System, Monorail Transport System and manriding Chairlift Transport System.

Drilling Rigs:

1. XZ-15 and XZ-20A Hydraulic Piling Rig

2. 2.Different Kinds of Drilling Machine and Pumps as well as Attachments


1. Truck-mounted Hydraulic Cranes with 0.5 to 12 tons lift capacity

2. Hydraulic gear pump and motor

OEM service supported

Latest design:

container side cranes QYJ-36

Aerial working platform

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