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Monorail Transport System



FND monorail is a kind of self-drive locomotive driven by low pollution diesel machine, it includes front and rear driver cabin, diesel machine, driving and braking devices, also it is equipped with safe braking car, lifting beam, man car, etc. It can be applied in the tunnel with ambient temperature is not higher than 35℃, roadway cross-section greater than 7 square meters, especially in multi-fork, multi-regional, long-range roadway conditions. It can be used to transport the auxiliary materials, equipment, personnel directly from the shaft bottom to the working face with features of small size, big traction, good climbing ability, mobility, etc.

Battery vary frequency monorail is powered by a special explosion-proof battery with features of no pollution, low failure rate, low noise and low operating costs.

SDY-type wire rope monorail transport system is driven by winch, towed by wire rope, with features of small size, big traction force, small turning radius, good climbing ability, transport safety and reliability.



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