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Chief structure characteristic
Multi-motor driven, arranged laterally, frame structure, composed of three sections linked by hydraulic lever between each other, without under frame, large space for coal transportation. All the components can be drawn out from the operating side, easy for underground maintenance.
Straight cutting arms, and the left and the right are exchangeable, the driven parts on the left and the right are exactly same and symmetrical. Cutting motor is set on cutting arm transversely, without power transmission between cutting arm and s
hearer body.
The key components and parts are imported from the famous manufacturer and are reliable. 
Powerful cutting drum with pick tine. 
The electrical system can be 4-quadrant run, can be applied to the big obliquity, the haulage system is one driving one mode. 
Computer centralized control, PLC Chinese character display system with the functions such as protection, operation, and default display. 
Applying water-cooled inverters that is reliable, small size. Good low frequency starting ability, big haulage, constant power variable speed control can be realized. 

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