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Bolt drilling Jumbo is mainly used for coal-roadway tunneling, help to achieve the bolting of roof and wall simultaneously, and is used to drill blasting hole and exploration hole. It is the necessary equipment matching with continuous miner or road header in multi tunneling. It is with the following features
1, Fully hydraulic system controlled, easy maintenance and operation in underground.
2, The walking system is hydraulic motor and reducer drive,
3, The machine is equipped with two drilling boom and propulsion, and two drill booms are independent to each other.
4, the two units of rig can rotate to different locations and different angles to drill.
5, in front of the machine, there is advanced supporting system to protect the operator.
6, the machine is fitted with two lifting platform which raise or drop the two booms to meet the construction requirements, and facilitate the operations personnel to operate;
7, The track tension device includes tensioning pulley and tension cylinder.



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