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Features of capability and structure:
1. The main parts used high-strength steel, which will increase the vehicle’s durability and wear resistance and also reduce the vehicle weight;
2. The tank adopts curved –structure, which can improve the performance of the car, with attractive appearance;
3. The truck is equipped with manual control and electric control system, so it is easy to operate and maintain;
4. Hydraulic design is according to European standard, which adopts standardization hydraulic components;
5.The recompressed and container are combined with special seal strip and it will prevent the garbage and sewage from leakage. A water receiving tank is equipped under the recompressed to prevent the leaking of the water;
6.The recompressed has big lifting angle , and can unload material thoroughly;
7.ccording to customer’s requirement, we can provide 300 liters trash cans or 240 liters plastic bucket trash cans.


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