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Drilling and Loading Machine for Coal Mine
CMZY2-150/20 is a kind of complicated drilling and loading machine for coal mine, it is mainly used for the tunneling of rock lanes, also can be used in the operation of railway tunnels, water ,tunnels or national defend tunnels, it can improve the tunneling speed greatly.
■ High efficiency, high drilling speed, small drilling bit consumption.
■ Double boomed drilling, good maneuverability, six actions of booms, can drill at any position.
■ Gather the rocks by backhoe bucket to the conveyor, the bucket can slso be used to clean the working seam, big propelling force, big gathering scope.
■ Middle or high pressure hydraulic system, bilateral symmetry oil circuit, good protection to the system.
■ Wireless remote control system is available, easy operated.
■ Chair, gas alarm, electricity cutting when overload, which all reduce the labor strength.




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