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DGY21/24B explosion-proof light for the coal mine applies semiconductor light-emitting devices (LED), the light-emitting efficiency is eight times of incandescent lamp, the service life is as long as 5 to 10 million hours, seismic performance is also good. The DGY21/24B is single-cavity structure, the explosion-proof housing is made of steel plate and goes through phosphate treatment, so it is with high strength, good corrosion performance characteristics, and has obtained national patent. It is mainly for coal mine mobile equipment (such as: road headers, Jumbo, back-hoe loader, etc.
The required conditions:
(1)  ambient temperature::-20℃~+40℃;
(2)  relative humidity:≤96%(+25℃);
(3)  Autospheric pressure:80~110Kpa;
(4)  Gas or steam environment which is no damage to the insulation
(5)  no dripping place
(6) underground places with gas and coal dust explosion hazard                        
Type, and specification
●Type: DGY21/24B
●Kind: explosion-proof for underground coal mine, Exd[ib]I。
(1) Nominal power: 21W;
(2) Nominal voltage: DC 24V;
(3) Cooling method: natural cooling
(4)Overall dimensions: 130×214×255( L×W×H )mm;                    
(5)Weight: 5kg               

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