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QJZ-200/660(380) Vacuum electromagnetic starter

QJZ-200/660 (380) vacuum electromagnetic starter is the core of the electronic control system of man-riding transport system for coal mine, effect  programmable control to the transport system, includes three types: near control, remote control and remote monitoring ways. And with several protection functions: over speed and stall protection, pull emergency stop protection, out of rope protection, exceed limit protect, hammer protection. The touch screen can display the operating voltage, three-phase operating current, and a variety of protection and fault information. There is also the voice alarm; sound and light intercom, remote monitoring. If the user needs, delay automatic shutdown can be achieved.
Type: QJZ-200/660(380)
Main motor:     YB2315M-8   660/380V  22~110kw
motor or power pack:     YB2100L2--4   660/380V  3kw
Switch motor: 380V(or 660V)  0.47kw;
Main specification
(1) Nominal working voltage(Ue): AC 660V/380V,50HZ/3p;
(2)Nominal working current: 200A;
(3)Cooling type: natural cooling
(4)flameproof type: Mining flameproof and intrinsically safe type
(5)Identification: Exd[ib]Ⅰ
(6) Intrinsically power resource
 input voltage: 127~220V AC;
 Intrinsically output   Max. output voltage:12.5V DC;Max. output current:770mA;
(7) overall dimensions: 760×590×1000(L×W×H )mm。


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