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High Speed Chair lift Transport System



Chairlift transport System
The chairlift transport system is divided into three series, RJHY movable chair series, RJKY detachable chairs series, RJY fixed chairs series. RJHY and RJKY are applicable to the roadways with 0-25°gradient. And RJY is for 0-35 °.
Horizontal turning device, great inclination cable grasper is the first developed in China and obtained national patent.
● The driving part can be adjusted by variable frequency, magnetic reluctance frequency or soft starting control forms to achieve different speed conversion.
● The electronic control system applies PLC to achieve the protections such as control the system speed, pull emergency stop along the way, the crew crossing the line, heavy lump limit and other safety protection, with voice alarm sound and light communication and unattended and many other features.
●It is with high-speed braking and safety brake at the end, both the braking are fail-safe. The power pack is single or double-loop structure. The whole system is secure and reliable.
● Fixed cable holder applies advanced preload structure, and will not loose or slip.
● High-speed cable holding device is whole casted, safe, beautifully produced. Sliding part applies SKF maintenance-free bearings with high reliability and long service life.
●The chair is special shock absorber spring seat or soft seat foam seat or two-way travel chairs with reasonable structure, comfortable to sit.
● Pulley diameter is big, with steel body and wear soft lining to reduce rope wear and tear, long life, the crew ride smooth and comfortable.
● The wheels and hanging tube are reasonable designed, the replacement of wheel line and the lubrication of bears are easy.  Requirements for precision of beam is low, the installation can be carried out in variable conditions.
● couplings, lifting tube, bearing shaft are treated by advanced anti-corrosion technology; The cable holding device, chairs, wheels are galvanized or spray finished, the complete equipment is corrosion resistant



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