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Monorail Transport Crane for coal mine driven by FLP diesel


Explosion-proof diesel engine monorail locomotive is a coal mine auxiliary transportation equipment running on a special track suspended under the roof of the roadway. It is suitable for material transportation under long-distance, large slope and heavy load conditions in coal mines, and can also be used for personnel transportation. The locomotive is powered by a low-pollution, explosion-proof diesel engine, and is driven by electro-hydraulic control and full hydraulic pressure.
Large traction ability and strong climbing ability;
Adopting DA control closed hydraulic system, the locomotive is not boring and has little pollution;
The main hydraulic parts adopt imported configuration with high reliability;
It has the functions of service brake, parking brake and overspeed automatic braking, which improves the safety of the vehicle during operation;
It has three drive modes: friction drive, pure tooth drive and hybrid drive, with wide application range;
With wireless remote control function, which improves the safety of vehicle scheduling;
The driver's cab is equipped with a color LCD screen, which can display the vehicle operation and various protection parameters in real time.

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