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All the parts including the diesel power, gear box, reducing box, hoist, rotary table, mud pump and derrick are all mounted on the chassis. The main transfer is made by mechanically, some parts are controlled by hydraulic. 

The chassis is from Sinotruk, robust and service center available in 53 countries.

Overall dimensions mm  13830×2550×4000    
total weight           t 30
Crew/operator      2
Chassis TAZ5305TYTA 
Driving method
6×4 / 6×6 
Max. traveling speed km/h
Min. truning dia. m
Ground clearance (full load) mm
Braking distance at 30km/h
The hole dia. mm 
Hole depth mm
Kelly bar mm
Drilling pipe mm
Power model
MC07.28-50 Y250M-4  
Power capacity kW
206 55×2  
Hole dia. of Rotary table
Rotary speed of rotary table r/min
22 39 65 101 145 190 23(reverse)
Rotary table form
Mechanical winding
Relief pressure to feed mechanism
300( relief)
pressure reducing stroke mm
Single rope pulling force of hoist kN
50(master) 50(slave)
Rope hole capacity of hoist m
Speed on the second floor m/s
1.1, 1.8
Hoist model 
Max. flow of mud pump L/min
Max. pressure of mud pump MPa
The bearing capacity of derric t
Efficient height of derrick m

1. the drilling rig is with a 17m long mast, the useful height is 15m, 9m drilling pipes can be used.
2. the drilling rig have two same winch, that means both the master and slave winch have 30tons lifting capacity, in this way, it is more easier to change the drilling pipes.
3. double power, the drilling rig can use the engine of the chassis and two motors are mounted on the chassis, when the electricity is available, it can use the electricity to make the drilling.
4. The derrick will be erected by a hydraulic cylinder and the machine is supported by hydraulic outriggers, 
5. The main control of the rig is air controlled. The air from the air compressor is used for the mud pump clutch, the winch clutch, the turntable clutch, the hoisting clutch of main and auxiliary winch.
Specification of chassis:
Model of chassis: TAZ5305TYTA
Manufacturer: Sinotruk
Overall dimensions: 10130*2500*3100mm
Gross mass: 30000kgs
Curb weight: 11900kgs
Axles number: 3
ABS: yes
Max. speed: 80km/h
Persons in cab: 2
Front/rear suspension: 1320/2830mm
Approach/departure angle: 13/12°
Front wheel track: 2035mm
Rear wheel track: 1850/1850mm
Tires: 10
Tire: 12.00R20 20PR
Fuel type: diesel
Emission standard: GB17691-2005 STATE V, GB3847-2005
Axle load: 7000/11500/11500
Steel plate spring number: 11/10
Engine model: MC07.28-50
Engine manufacturer: joint venture of Sinotruk and Germany Man.
Displacement: 6870ml
Power: 206kw

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